new year’s eve menu&party
As a sign of hospitality;
welcome volcanic broth,
the land, the water

from la Garrotxa;
black truffle royale,

a starter for celebrations;
coral juice, parmentier

from the fish market;
chromaticism in orange

the slab and the fire;
sirloin of veal from Mas La Carrera,
wild mushrooms, potato gratin

sour and dairy;
citrus fruits,
different textures

inspired in the nature that surrounds us;
snowed volcanic landscape,
buckwheat, ratafía, carob

handmade wafers & tourons

Pansa Blanca Màgnum, D.O. Alella
Finca Malaveïna Màgnum, D.O. Empordà
Natura Les Cols Mont-Ferrant Màgnum, D.O. Cava

grapes and party bag
hot chocolate and sponge biscuits
Jabugo ham
open bar/gin-tonic
disco with DJ



dinner at 20h p.m.
price per person: 195 € (VAT incl.)

reservation required