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Eregra Herbal

Fina Puigdevall

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It was greasy (the grease stays on your skin and doesn’t go away ’til you wipe it off), it burned, and worst yet, it didn’t do jack.

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It is generally prescribed in 50 mg tablets that are taken orally once a day for five days - usually days 5 through 9 of your cycle


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Nothing else worked so I don’t want to change again

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Hi, i was on this drug about 4 years ago

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I did not get any bad reaction so far.

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Het is immers belangrijk dat de ogen ofwel niets zien (ogen sluiten) ofwel hetzelfde zien als de spieren voelen (naar buiten kijken).

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The use of hCG induces ovulation in about 95 percent of women, and will get most mature follicles to rupture.

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If they feel a particular pain medication is lowering immunopathology they are able to tolerate, they may want to ask their physician to change to a medication that does not elicit such an effect.

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