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Fina Puigdevall

Since May 1990 Fina Puigdevall has been managing the Restaurant Les Cols d’Olot, as well as being both the owner and chef of this establishment situated in the mountain range by which it is known and her own birthplace.
Fina Puigdevall’s cooking conveys much with few elements. When creating the dishes she likes to remove everything that she considers is not essential, while not losing the essential poetry. It is a light and essential style, purified but generous. It conveys sincerity, balance, austerity and naturalness, in an authentic and emotive way, with imagination, intuition and sensitivity. It is a style of cooking which reflects her own way of being.
The culinary proposals which this restaurant offer are rooted in the land and the landscape surrounding it. For this reason Puigdevall has initiated a process of research and recuperation from the area’s traditional vegetable growing. She works with a very particular vision of products which we can find in the Garrotxa area: buckwheat, the Vall d’en Bas potato, sweetcorn, poultry (chicken and duck), “fesols de Santa Pau” (a small white bean), ratafia, the Olot “tortell” (a kind of ringshaped cake or doughnut), pork and sausages, wild river trout, snails, wild boar, truffles, sweet chestnuts, turnips, wild mushrooms, herbs and even flower.
She likes to offer the most intimate and familiar but with an up-to-date language. She emphasizes on the most modest products; the nature and the landscape are her source of inspiration, she likes to adapt the products of the land and her environment and give them a different meaning; the presentation of her dishes plays with the emptiness of the dish: the tradition/avant-garde contrast. The philosophy that has inspired the architectural refurbishment of the restaurant is the same philosophy that inspires her cuisine.
Fina considers her team as a part of her family because of the good understanding created between them through the years. She believes that the aim of her restaurant is to offer happiness. Therefore, she attaches a great importance to the ritual and wants her guests to enjoy each one of the pleasures that surround a table: the luxury of the light and the silence; the importance of the gesture and the look; the serenity of the atmosphere; the hospitality.

The Team

Fina Puigdevall
Owner and chef

Manel Puigvert

Fina Puigdevall, Manel Puigvert, Jordi Arroyo, Carme Roca, Carme Serra, Anna Busquets, Martina Puigvert, Imanol Iraola, Antonio Sala, Fouad Laazibi, Natalia Kazak, Guillem Coromina, David Castañer, Pep Reixach, Constantin Horju


“TALLANT D’HONOR DE LA CUINA GIRONINA” – 1994 – Prize awarded to the best chef de cuisine from Girona.

CATALONIA TOURISM MERIT DIPLOMA 1997 – Prize awarded by Generalitat de Catalunya, in recognition to her significant contribution in the promotion of the tourism in Catalonia.

Selected to be included in the book “Today’s cuisine, the best dishes of the great cooks from Catalunya” written by the journalist Tana Collados (TV3).

Selected to prepare the dinner offered during the ceremony of the prize “Premis Nadal”, Edicions Destino ( 6th January 2001).

Award to the Best Table, prize given by “Lo mejor de la Gastronomía” (“The best in Cuisine”), 2003.

Selected to be the main cook in the exposition “La Cuina dels Genis del Foc” organized by Generalitat de Catalunya at Palau Robert in Barcelona (held from the 5th of February to the 16th of March 2004 ). This exposition was intended to present to the audience the work of the most prestigious cooks from Catalunya, who turn the cuisine into a modern and innovative art.

“VOLCANET D’OR” prize, awarded by the Hotel Industry Association from La Garrotxa in recognition to her promotion of the regional cuisine.

Selected to prepare the dinner served during the literary prizes “Premis Nadal” dedicated to the year Dalí 2004.

Selected to participate in the campaign “Art and Cuisine – Dalí 2004-“.

Contributor & sponsor of the foundation “Institut Català de la Cuina”.

FAD 2003 Prize (Public Architecture and Design Prize).


1 MICHELIN STAR, awarded by the prestigious Michelin Guide in 2005.

“OLIVA D’OR”, prize awarded by the association of “Gourmets de l’Oli d’Oliva” (December 2004).

BEST RESTAURANT selected by the “III FIRA TECNOTAST” (Trade fair of Services and equipment for the Hotel and Food Industry).

CONTRACTWORLD AWARD 2005. Architecture international prize awarded to the best concept and innovation in the design of the building.

Selected to prepare, in collaboration with Osona Cuina, the dinner for the inauguration of “Fòrum Gastronòmic de Vic 2005” and “L’Any de la Gastronomia”.

Wide article and front page of the book “LES PLUS BEAUX RESTAURANTS DU MONDE” by Bethan Ryder.

Wide article and front page of the book “COCINA CATALANA CONTEMPORÁNEA” by Montserrat Palacín.

Prize awarded by the Girona Convention Bureau in the category of Cuisine, in recognition to the promotion and innovation tasks carried out by the companies dedicated to the tourism which, with their effort, have contributed to promote the economical activity and the business tourism in the region. The prize was awarded in 2005, on July the 29th by the Prince and the Princess of Asturias.

2 Suns, in the 2006 edition of CAMPSA guide.

Selected to represent the catalan cuisine at Salone del Gusto in Torino (Italy), organized by Slowfood movement, held from October 23rd to 27th, and to prepare the dinner offered on Thursday 23rd of October.

Selected to prepare the dinner of Fòrum Gastronòmic de Girona on 25th of March 2009 with the presence of worldwide famous cooks, awarded with Michelin stars as Michel Bras from Laguiole, Andoni Luis Aduriz from Mugaritz restaurant, Alexandre Bourdas, Dan Hunter and Carlo Cracco.

Selected to prepare the dinner in “Les Nits a la Pedrera” on 23rd. of july.

2nd MICHELIN STAR, awarded by the prestigious Michelin Guide 2010.

Selected to prepare the dinner for the Expo from Shanghai during the Spanish week (from the 27th of August to the 2nd of September 2010).

Awarded with the prize “Amic del Formatge 2010” at the cheese fair from Sant Ermengol in La Seu d’Urgell (Lleida).
Selected, among others, to prepare the dinner for the prize “Català de l’any” for the editions of 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012 held in Barcelona and organized by “El Periódico”.

Selected to give a lecture on Viscosity during the Science & Cooking sessions held at Harvard University from the 26th of September to the 2nd of October 2011, together with other catalan chefs, Fundació Alicia and El Bulli.

Selected to give a lecture on Working with modern thickeners during the Science & Cooking sessions hels at Harvard University from the 1st to the 7th of October 2012.

Selected to give a lecture on “Synthesizing the surroundings” during the San Sebastián Gastronomika Congress held from the 7th to the 10th of October 2012 at Palacio Kursaal.

Wide article and front page of El Croquis (nº 162), one of the most famous architecture publications worldwide, devoted to the new space of celebrations at restaurant Les Cols.