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Fina Puigdevall

Pyri ottamaan tabletit samaan kellonaikaan joka piv joko aterian yhteydess tai ilman ateriaa

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The incisions made by the Lateral Slit Technique are shallower than other incisions, thereby reducing trauma to the critical blood vessels deeper in the scalp

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I will be visiting her NP with her this week provided the weather is good.

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1998), and was associated with high cesarean rates (Gotschall et al


Fina Puigdevall
Propietària i cuinera

Pere Planagumà
Cap de cuina

Manel Puigvert
Cap de Sala

Jordi Arroyo, Carme Roca, Carme Serra, Anna Busquets, Albert Lorenzo, Antonio Sala, Fouad Laazibi, Natalia Kazak, Maia Urtkmelidze, Morad Bouftila, Pep Reixach, Constantin Horju

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