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El Prat

To evoke the past. To meet outside, near a spring, under the shadow of a wood, the family meal at the countryside.
To evoke life at open air. To sit under the sky, to eat surrounded by air, trees, visuals, without losing the mistery that the place provides, being part from Mas Les Cols.
To evoke the culinary art. On a neutral support, almost no furniture, the colours shine bright, the flavours, the different textures, an accurate and laborious preparation for a few hours of pleasure.
To evoke the essentiality. The stone extracted from the construction goes back to the place to build the walls, slopes and floor. The steel tubes stay up and give the shape of a pergola, and the transparent membrane protect us from sun and rain.
To evoke the future. Where the virtual images and the real ones blend. It emerges from this place, but the answers are universal. Contemporary and sustainable answers.
To evoke the time passage. To notice the passage of time, the sun, the clouds, the rain, the darkness, the moon. To feel again aspects of the nature that were already forgotten.

Photos by Josep Oliva / Wedding Figures by Pigment.

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