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“The intimacy of a landscape. The immutable cycle of the seasons…”

All this environment should favour a cuisine of the rural landscape and the seasonality; simple but essential; austere and humble but intuitive, intimate and authentic. A cuisine that should become the reflection of the way we are.
From here, but with the ability to open ourselves to the world, with the aim of reaching universality through the space of the intimacy. The splendour of nature. The completeness of life.

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“and on the Praire, Nothing…”

To evoke life at open air. To sit under the sky, to eat surrounded by air, trees, visuals, without losing the mistery that the place provides.

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“Enjoy the nature by the riverside.”

Fluvià river flows, in its path through Olot, in the midst of the volcanic area from La Garrotxa: the stream accompanies the river and the brooks flow into it.
To flow from the plane tree plantation, to accompany the stream, with its vigorous black poplars, and to go into the river from the spring are the purposes that decide the reason for being of the pavilion.

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